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The Art Source Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

Today in the guest chair is Anouk Lorie, co-founder of No Camels and the Founder Stories podcast. After completing her degrees in law and journalism in London, Anouk went on to write for some of the biggest names in media like CNN, Time Magazine, The New York Daily News and The Financial Times, just to name a few. After moving to Israel in 2010 Anouk also hosted a popular radio show on TLV1 radio, and taught journalism at the prestigious IDC school. In 2011 Anouk co-founded No Camels, the world's leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience. In a country that has the highest concentration of startups per capita in the world, with No Camels Anouk is bringing stories of inventions in technology, medicine & design from Israel to the fore. In her most recent project, the podcast Founder Stories, Anouk and her husband Barak, go in depth with some of the most fascinating Israeli innovators, from venture capitalists to authors to celebrity chefs. 


Music by David Shaul 

Podcast edited by Noy Hadar

Recorded at Google for Startups Campus, Tel Aviv


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